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Plan and track your expenses every month. With all your devices synced, you'll never miss a bill again. Clear, simple and quick (a MUST HAVE) financial planning! Buy now ►► 

You always need a simple tool to control the amount you want to spend this month. Essentially you need a big calendar to track the amount of money you have spent compared to the amount you wanted to spend. You also need to generate lists of overdue payments, planned payments and check what has already been paid off. Bills is made to help with those needs! Make your ongoing monthly financial planning an easy and pleasant task! 

The way you work with the application: 
Set a figure indicating how much you want to spend this month. Mark days on the big calendar when you need to pay for something or buy something. Then when you actually have a transaction, approve it quickly (you may also approve it partially and reschedule the rest of the payment). Easily filter your bills and payments via the calendar and special boxes to show your planned, overdue and paid expenses & bills. If you spend too much, the green bar above the calendar will let you know about it. For better payments planning you can add your income into the calendar as well. Extra features: export to HTML and CSV (Excel), and PIN code to protect your entries! 

Each element reminds of real office room objects, which are so familiar and help to concentrate when taking care of the bills and expenses. Flip board shows the list of your transactions. Big projector screen shows you a calendar view of the current month. Office folders are reserved for extra features. Drawers are meant to serve as filters. And when you add or edit entries, you will see a memo book page. 

- easy management of expenses and bills 
- recurring reminders until the due bill is paid
- income entries helping with planning your payments
- quickest work with entries 
- filters for paid, planned and overdue payments 
- easy sync: iPad, iPhone, Mac
- family sync: track your bills together with your loved ones (sync via Dropbox)
- easy export to HTML and CSV (Excel) 
- PIN code available (for privacy protection) 
- great special Mac oriented interface design (real office room) 

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Bills is here to give your financial experience with Mac a new turn. Buy now! ►►


What's new in Version 1.10.10

- Migrated helpdesk to Zendesk
- Fixed Dropbox Sync issue



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OS X Screenshot
OS X Screenshot
OS X Screenshot

Customer Reviews

Functional again!

This app is a great reminder of a list of monthly bills. It could use a look and feel overhaul and sync with iCloud would be great.

I was forced into purchasing Money Pro. It has a modern look and feel but the functionality is all gone. Interface won’t tell you what bill is where or if it is paid or not, everything looks the same.

So, thank you for a working Bills once again.


No longer works at all. So glad it died: I just set up a spreadsheet with all the features I need, keep it in small size in corner of one of my screens, way better than any app, and such a price! Bye, bye, finance apps!

Sync broken …..again

worked for about three days after sync problems. now broken again.. not worth the effort.. time to delete it

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