Plain Text

By Marian Raafat

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1- Simple and Clean text editor.
2- Format remover.

Text editor:
• Full screen mode, distraction free text writer.
• Simple and Clean Interface.

2- Format remover.
• Do you want to get rid of the text style?
• Do you want to use copied text without it's style?
• Do you want to uniform all the text color, font and size to the default?
• Do you want to remove the highlighted text background?
• It can be used in copying text from Wikipedia, mail or any website or mail, then paste the washed text to your document.
• exporting txt files to your kindle


What's new in Version 1.0.2

• Choose from different interface Colors
• Hide/Show Buttons for neat clear view
• Open Txt Files



OS X Screenshot
OS X Screenshot
OS X Screenshot

Customer Reviews

Save option disabled

The app is fine as a text editor and is able to open existing txt files, but the Save option is disabled so I cannot create txt files. This is a severly limiting factor. Also, you can only have one txt file open at a time, which is also limiting as I like to take various notes in different windows throughout the day. I found this out when I was testing the open feature and it overwrote the contents in my window (with no way to revert), which were not saved because the save option is disabled. If you only need a text editor for copying/pasting text between applications this may work for you, but otherwise you might want to keep looking.

Very misleading, you need to know the following facts

I just now purchased this app and I’m using it on a completely updated iMac 27”. The app opens with a window position, size and color of the developer’s choice. I made the window larger and repositioned in on my display, then closed the window and reopened the app from the dock. The size went back to the very small default size and the color reverted back to the default purple. It seemed a nice concept for a simple text editor to strip out formatting, but not if every feature in it is not user configurable. They offer the ability to change UI colors, but they’re not sticky…just as with window size and position.


When I write into NOTES and copy and paste the results into an email that I regularly send to a small group of friends, the text in the email comes out double spaced. With PLAIN TEXT, I simply paste the results into PLAIN TEXT and then recopy what's in PLAIN TEXT before pasting it into the email. The result is single spacing and neat looking text. It was the only reason I purchased PLAIN TEXT and it turned out to be just what I needed. I am very happy with the product.

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Plain Text
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